Saturday, May 22, 2010

Field blogging

I'm in Italy conducting a bit of fieldwork for a short while. While here, I'll be giving a public conference at the Museo Archeologico del Finale in Finale Ligure next Saturday, May 29, 2010.

"30mila anni fa a Finale Ligure: Nuove acquisizioni sul Paleolitico della Caverna delle Arene Candide // 30,000 Years Ago in Finale Ligure: New insights on the Paleolithic of the Caverna delle Arene Candide."

Saturday May 29 2010, 15.30
Museo Archeologico del Finale
Chiostri di Santa Caterina in Finalborgo (Finale Ligure - SV)

So, if you're in southern France or northern Italy that day, definitely come by! Can't make it? You can read a bit about what we've been up to on UC Denver's Network site.


Maju said...

Very interesting. Looks like you're involved in a key project for European prehistory. The Ligurian coastal strip is potentially a major passage for humans colonizing SW Europe in the Aurignacian period (the other one being through Northern France).

I knew of Arene Candide in relation to Cardium Pottery Neolithic but did not know it had further stratigraphy into the Paleolithic. For that reason I made a search and found this article in Italian that extends a bit more on your research.

By the way, I like your hairstyle, I used to have a similar look (except the glasses) when I was in my teens. :)

Julien Riel-Salvatore said...

Thanks Maju, and sorry for the late reply. Indeed, Liguria is a very, very interesting region for the question of the origins of the Upper Paleolithic in Europe. About the Arene Candide specifically, the site has also yielded the a Final Epigravettian "necropolis" (Formicola et al. 2005) and one of the most lavish Gravettian burials known (Pettitt et al. 2003). Hopefully, some interesting new findings from the cave will come out soon...

Anonymous said...

ciao!!mi chiamo lucia e studio archeologia preistorica all'università di firenze con il prof.Martini,il suo blog è molto interessante ed è bellissimo che finalmente siano ricominciati gli scavi a finale!! volevo chiederla se ha in programma altre conferenze in italia??mi piacerebbe molto partecipare,grazie