Monday, February 08, 2010

Winter and the life archaeological, redux

Last year, I posted a wintertime picture showing a tell-tale sign that an archaeologist might be living close to you in a city that receives regular snowfall. Well, it's been snowing lightly for two days in Denver, but it's nothing compared to the recent Snowmaggedon (a worse name I could not come up with even if I tried) in the eastern US. However, I've received a 'life archaeological' dispatch from one of my partners in crime currently stranded near Pittsburgh, that comprised the following picture and caption:

"It's hard to tell, but that's a perfect 1m trench with a beautiful profile
that I dug. No lithics though. Just snow."

It's reassuring to know it's not just me, sometimes!


Anne Gilbert said...

Archaeologists must hate the Pacific NW this year. It's been comparatively mild around here since about a week before Christmas, and January was the mildest on record! February seems to be following in the same direction, so far, anyway. We're having one big El Niño around here, like I don't remember since I was in middle school. Meanwhile, everywhere else. . . .Oh, never mind!

terryt said...

A few weeks ago my brother's near neighbour claimed that we were in a real 'el Nino'. My brother evidently replied that it wasn't a real el Nino until they had mudslides in Peru. Talk about prophetic.