Friday, January 08, 2010

Paleo goodness at the 2010 SAAs

The preliminary program of the 75th annual meetings of the Society for American Archaeology in St. Louis (April 14-18) was waiting for me when I returned to my office after the winter break. As is usually the case when the SAAs are held jointly with the Paleoanthropology Society meetings, this year will be an interesting one for the paleo-minded among us. Among many other symposia to be held at the SAAs, these four look like they might be well worth attending:

  • Results of the new excavations at the Middle Paleolithic site of Roc de Marsal (Thursday morning);
  • The roots of the Middle Paleolithic: An uniquely Eurasian evolutionary development (Thursday afternoon);
  • The Aurignacian of the Swabian Jura, southwestern Germany (Friday afternoon);
  • Human responses to Younger Dryas in the northern hemisphere (Saturday morning).

  • See you there!

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