Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter in Montreal and the life archaeological

Day before last, we received another 23cm of snow in my fair city. The resulting digging and shoveling gave me a rare occasion to use skills I usually put into use mostly during the summer months, when I'm working in the field... but then I realized something.... do you know how to tell you have archaeologists living on your block after a snowstorm? You look for the car that's been dug out and looks like it's sitting in an excavation unit!


Anne Gilbert said...

Wow! You shoulda been in Seattle, a week before Christmas! We had a snowstorm like that then. Worse, the snow just kept coming. But then, unlike in Montreal, we're snow wimps out here(and heat wimps, too), so we're not used to it. So I guess it would be hard to tell if an archaeologist is living on our block. Oh, I take that back. . . it might be possible to tell if an earthquake hit us and he or she had to dig their car out of the rubble(hint: we have a bunch of fault lines running through Our Fair City, and they're, um, very active!).
Anne G

Anonymous said...

So when are you going to backfill it? :)

- Steve

anita said...

Hahahah. look how straight those walls are.