Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Time for a carnival!

Four Stone Hearth XXXII is up at Testimony of the Spade. Magnus did a bang-up job putting together a diverse set of entries - check 'em all out, but I especially enjoyed Kambiz's ( take on what some recent functions of Google and Facebook might have to contribute to the development of paleoanthropology, in so far as the sharing and dissemination of data are concerned. While the link is not immediately obvious, when you realize that Delson et al. (2007) published a short paper summarizing the highlights of a recent conference held in Washington, D.C. about access to data in paleoanthropology as a discipline, it all starts making sense! If this interests you, you should also definitely check out the Paleoanth Portal website that resulted from that meeting.

Delson, E., W. E. H. Harcourt-Smith, S. R. Frost, and C. A. Norris. 2007. Databases, Data Access, and Data Sharing in Paleoanthropology: First Steps. Evolutionary Anthropology 16;161-163.

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