Sunday, October 21, 2007

Against Creationism in Canada

Scott Rowed writes a very good op-ed piece in the Calgary Herald criticizing the growth of creationism in Canada, and the age-old attempts of creationists to portray evolution as "just another theory". He also justly criticizes politicians like John Tory (Conservative Party Leader of Ontario) who are trying to derive political capital by pushing creationism in Canadian public schools.

I can only agree with Rowed when he argues that:

"Science and technology are the engines of our economy. If we indoctrinate our children with pseudo-science like creationism or intelligent design, or dumb down the curriculum to avoid "offending religious sensibilities," we are robbing them of exciting careers and harming Canada's future scientific and economic power.

The science curriculum need to be strengthened, not gutted. It needs to inspire young children with the wonders of distant galaxies and nebulas, with the vastness of geological time, and with the incredible diversity of life on Earth and how evolution shaped it."

Thanks to Greg Laden for making me aware of this one.

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Anonymous said...

Scott you nailed it on the head. Your article should be read country wide (including the National Post). I would very much like to see some of your research on teaching evolution. send to
Grant D.
Cranbrook, BC