Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Iceman AD 1942

Ok, this isn't quite archaeology strictly speaking, but it still is pretty cool: Climbers recently found the frozen, mummified remains of a US airman in the Sierra Nevadas, and the remains are being recovered by forensic anthropologists, presumably from CILHI, given that it's a person in uniform and all.

You can see a clip of the recovery effort by clicking here (still can't figure out this embed thing, argh!).

Hmmm... doesn't look like the recovery methods are that much better today than they were in the 90's when they recovered the original Iceman, Otzi... Still, it's pretty cool to see the stuff they found along with th body, though I'd be really interested in seeing how far around the artifacts (eh) have been scattered. Neat, though.

PS: ASU folks... is that To in the clip?

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Anonymous said...

Hey J- Yep that's To alright. I couldn't tell if she was out excavating, though.

Hope all is well in your new place.
Claire T.