Friday, July 27, 2007

Le Mois de l’archéologie au Québec / Québec Archaeology Month

OK... let's try this again!

Sorry for the hold-up in posts, but I am now back at the keyboard typing away at this blog, while getting used to working in my home town with my stupendously wonderful new wife after an eight-year stint in AZ! Go Montréal! Woohoo!! I'll be posting more regularly now, as my live is getting increasingly stable after a few months of insane activity!

Today, just a brief note to let the world know that August will be "Québec Archaeology Month" (i.e., "Le Mois de l’archéologie"), sponsored by Archéo-Québec. There'll be about 75 different events taking place around the province with the stated goal of making folks more aware of (and hopefully more interested in) the province's archaeological patrimony. In today's Gazette, S. Howell presents an overview of some of the events that will take place specifically in Montréal. I, for one,know that I'll be checking out at least a couple of those. Otherwise, you can also check out the rest of the activities planned for the month on the site's calendar. See you then!


Anne Gilbert said...

I don't know if you remember me at all. I'm Anne Gilbert, and I sometimes post on various forums you've been on. I'm writing a science fiction novel that features Neandertals, and I've started a blog called The Writer's Daily Grind, which is mostly about the process of writing, but will also feature paleoanthropologically-related subjects from time to time. I've taken the liberty of linking your A Very Remote Period Indeed to my blog, because I think when you write, you have some quite interesting stuff. If you're interested in taking a look at my pathetic little blog(which just started two days ago), you can visit it at

Feel free to leave comments, too, if you like.
Anne G

**************************************** said...

Hi, Anne - no worries, I remember you very well! I checked out your blog - neat! I'll be visiting it to check out your paleoanthro-related stuff in the future! Happy bloggin'!