Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More on Finlayson et al. (2006)

Just a brief note to point out that Alex Steenhuyse also has posted some interesting comments on his blog about the Finlayson et al. (2006) paper on late Neanderthal dates at Gorham's Cave. He draws some interesting parallels between this paper and the Gravina et al. (2005) paper on new dates for the site of Grotte des Fées de Châtelperron that was published last year. BTW, you might also want to check out Alex's website (Anthrosite), which contains info on his research on the Middle-Upper Paleolithic Transition in France, and some of his publications and ongoing research. Good stuff, good stuff.

It's also interesting to note that all of the in-depth comments on the Finlayson et al. (2006) paper that I've seen on the blogosphere (yikes, I just used that word!) so far have been rather skeptical...


Finlayson, C., et al. 2006. Late survival of Neanderthals at the southernmost extreme of Europe. Nature: in press. doi : 10.1038/nature05195

Gravina, B., P. Mellars, and C. B. Ramsey. 2005. Radiocarbon dating of interstratified Neanderthal and early modern human occupations at the Chatelperronian type-site. Nature 438:51-56.

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Alexandre Steenhuyse said...

Many thanks for the link, camarade! I guess now I really need to update my website... on the Finlayson et al, I almost wish they had waited to publish a full-length, detailed article. A little frustrating, we want more! On all these dating papers, I think it might be revealing that we are still missing so important concepts, association of artifacts is not enough and yeah what is an industry/assemblage anyway? Big questions today.

My next one is: what is matter?