Monday, November 06, 2017

Trigger on teaching archaeology in Canada

This quote stood out, as part of the thinking and reading I've been doing since my last post on Canadian trends in the hiring of PhD to staff archaeology faculty positions:

"By December, however, I had accepted an appointment at McGill for the following academic year. [Raoul] Naroll urged me not to accept this appointment, arguing that in Canada I would find myself in an academic backwater from which all the best students would gravitate to the United States to do graduate work. I thought to myself that if Canadian academics did not return home, such a brain drain would certainly continue. If I and others did return home, the situation might change. My mind was made up." B. Trigger (2006: 241)


Trigger, B.G. 2006. Retrospection. In The Archaeology of Bruce Trigger: Theoretical Empiricism (R.F. Williamson & M.S. Bisson, eds.), pp. 225-258. McGill-Queen's University Press, Montréal.

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