Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Anthropology meets #hipsterscience

I never really got the big deal about Twitter (nor do I really get how hashtags work, to be perfectly honest), but Drug Monkey has a blog post compiling #hipsterscience tweets, and they're pretty damn funny! A couple are paleo/anthropological in nature, so I figured I'd share them here:

drugmonkeyblog: You get a better shave with a blade you’ve freshly knapped from fair-trade, small producer obsidian @drisis #hipsterscience #hipsteranthro

cambrianexplode: Evolution? I like the early stuff but it’s all gotten so predictable now. #hipsterscience

And finally, this one made me burst out laughing and wipe off coffee from my screen:

dorsalstream: I only work with skinny genes. #hipsterscience

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