Thursday, January 03, 2008


Well, I've dug myself from under 20+ cms of snow and managed to get to a working internet connection (booooooooh Cooptel!) and here's to starting off this new year on the good foot!

During the next few months, the contents of this blog will shift ever so slightly to include a broader range of hunter-gatherer archaeology than usual , since it'll be used (I hope) as a resource for the student in my ANTH 419B class, aptly named "Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers". I'll gradually link back to prior posts dealing with H/G archaeology, and list new and relatively recent sources dealing with that topic. So, if you're a student, welcome and feel free to roam around the archives; if you're a regular reader, welcome back; and if you're just stumbling here by chance, look around and see if you like anything. However you got here, feel free to comment on the posts or contact me with questions. I'll be more diligent about getting to the comments this year (here's a resolution worth keeping).

Happy New Year to all!


Anne Gilbert said...

So you dug yourself out of a pile of snow, huh? Well, out here, we've had wind and rain and flooding. . . but that was in 2007!

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more of your archaeological, anthropological, and h-g tidbits. And, BTW, happy 2008. I've linked my blog to yours and I "advertise" yours whenever I can.
Anne G

Julien Riel-Salvatore said...

Anne -
welcome back to AVRPI, and thanks for linking to here, it's much appreciated! I'll add a link to yours when I update my blogroll in the coming days!