Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Missing Mousterians and Trails of Dead!

Not much time to write these days, but wanted to point out a very good post on Alex Steenhuyse's blog on the recent paper by Dibble and McPherron on the "Missing Mousterian" in Current Anthropology. Though Alex is not completely bias-free (n'est-ce pas?), he is very, very right in pointing out the importance of the approach taken by Dibble & McPherron (2006) to get a more thorough understanding of Neanderthal lifeways... good paper, I've read it, but haven't had a chance to blog about it given how hectic everything is these days...

In other news, So Divided, the latest record by rock juggernauts "... And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead" came out today... go buy it! It's fantastic, phenomenal even!! What's the relevance of this on a blog concerned with archaeology and anthropology, you may well ask... well, I have it on good authority that Trail of Dead's lead singer of the band used to be an anthropology major at UT Austin. So there you have it!


Dibble, H. L., and S. McPherron. 2006. The Missing Mousterian. Current Anthropology 47(5): 777-803.


Alexandre Steenhuyse said...

thanks much for the link. Now I guess I really need to post on it! Bias-free? who is bias-free anyway?! :)
To give a little look behind the scene, these guys have been talking about it for years. So I am glad it's finally out. The reply section is quite interesting, nice to see new faces too.

teague said...

You do album reviews on this thing now?

Julien Riel-Salvatore said...

Alex - yeah, I really liked the paper, too. I'll try to get around to posting on it sometime soon.

El Tigo - I'll do whatever I want, it's my blog! ;)